Features and What You'll Get

Made to make tenant or team communication easy and trackable

Making property and facilities management a breeze, let your clients or tenants download the app, register and log issues.

The app also can assist as a help desk.

Custom branding

We'll custom the app with your company logos and colours - no Solution Point branding at all.

Users register themselves

No need for you to manually load your users - all users register themselves.

GPS pinning and locating

Your app users can pin locations in their issues, making locating a physical problem a whole lot easier.

It's secure

All apps are hosted in a secure data centre and all information is transmitted over SSL encryption

App managed by us

We'll manage your app system while you manage your client's issues logged.

Dedicated backend

You'll get a dedicated back-end where you can update certain pages on your app and send out broadcast/push messages.

Manage your communication better

Make your tenant or client communication traceable and efficient

Alerts on cellphone

Whenever your team replies to a client, they'll receive an alert on their cellphone. Send out as many push messages as you like.

Two dedicated back-ends

One back-end for your team to manage issues and another back-end for your technical team to edit and make changes on your app


Generate CSV exports of issues logged by custom variables (e.g. date, building etc).

Complete control

Only you and your team will have access to your app system after the initial setup.

Why use Solution Point?

We’ve designed and built Solution Point with a very clear objective in mind: help both facilities/property managers and their client’s or tenants communicate easier.

We’re making it easier for companies to have their own branded app that they can offer as a unique tool to their clients.

We’re not a CMMS, we’re a communication and issue logging platform.

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